Membership Types

All MCAP members (of any category) must agree to abide by the ethical standards of New Jersey Psychological Association (NJPA) and the American Psychological Association (APA).  To appear in the online public directory, you must be a NJ state licensed doctoral-level Psychologist, must be a member of NJPA and must be either an MCAP Full Member, ECP Member or Emeritus Member.  

Full Members 

Full Members must have a doctorate in Psychology and must reside or work in Middlesex County. Full members may be listed in the online public membership directory** and may serve on the executive board,* serve as committee chairs, and vote on official business. Yearly Membership Dues are $40.

Early Career Psychologists (ECP)

This membership category is the same as Full Members, but the member must be within the first 5 years of licensure. This member type is intended to assist those in their first years of practice and have been licenced (in any state) for up to 5 years, by providing a discounted membership rate. Yearly Membership Dues are $25.


Member-Emeritus status includes any Member in good standing who is fully retired from clinical practice and desires continued involvement with MCAP. (Note: Members who were designated Member-Emeritus status or Senior Status under the Bylaws predating 2012 will retain their Member Emeritus status). Members Emeritus may serve on the executive board of MCAP* and as MCAP committee chairs as long as they meet all the requirements of full membership. Yearly Membership Dues are $15.

Student Members 

Student Members include those who reside or attend school in Middlesex County and are eligible for student membership in the New Jersey Psychological Association (NJPA). They must be studying some aspect of psychology and agree to abide by the ethical standards of NJPA and the American Psychological Association (APA). Student Members may attend MCAP executive board meetings but may not serve on the executive board or vote on any official business. They may serve on MCAP committees but may not function as a committee chairperson.  Yearly Membership Dues are $15.


Associates include doctoral-level psychologists who do not live or work in Middlesex County, all masters degree practitioners, social workers, psychiatrists, or other health professional (e.g., physician, midwife, chiropractor), as well as professionals who interface with psychologists (e.g., attorney, mediator, clergy).  Yearly Membership Dues are $40. 

*NOTE: All MCAP executive board members must also be members of NJPA.

** To appear in the online public directory, you must be a NJ licensed psychologist who is a Full, ECP or Emeritus member and is also a member if NJPA