Middlesex County Association of Psychologists (MCAP) Policy of
Non-Mental Health Professionals and Individuals Attending and/or Participating in MCAP Sponsored Events.


Middlesex County Association of Psychologists (MCAP) Policy does not allow non-mental health professionals and individuals to attend and/or participate in MCAP sponsored events including, but NOT limited to: Workshops, Lectures, Town Halls, Professional talks or presentations, panel discussions, seminars, symposia, CE and non-CE events.

Non-mental health professionals are defined as individuals who have not received graduate education and training in the mental health, mental health related or allied fields, such as clinical or mental health counseling, educational psychology, school psychology, social work, group therapy, couples or marriage therapy/ counseling, as evidenced by, educational and/or licensed credentials. If there is a question about whether a person is considered a non-mental health professional, the MCAP Board will make this determination.


The variety and nature of topics presented at MCAP, may include topics of a sensitive nature and require a level of training, maturity, commitment, disposition and psychological sophistication that may not be evidenced in the general public. As such, psychologists have an ethical duty to protect the public from any potential harm as a result of being unprepared for and exposed to topics that may result in such harm.

Psychologists also have an ethical duty to protect confidential information.


The MCAP Board, in consultation with the scheduled presenter, may receive, review and vote to approve a request made by an individual or on behalf of an individual to make an exception to this policy to attend a specific event. An exception can only be made with MCAP Board approval.

Any request must be received in writing 7 to 10 days prior to an event, and decisions will also be made in writing to the requester, at least 3 days prior to an event.

MCAP sometimes hosts social events where friends and relatives who are not mental health professionals are invited and welcomed. When these events are advertised, those who are welcome to attend will be clearly outlined.

If a non-mental health professional is approved to attend:

If a non-mental health professional is approved to attend a program, it is the responsibility of the program committee representative who is also a MCAP Board member (and NJPA member) to announce that a non-metal health professional, who is not under the same confidentiality constraints, is in attendance and advise attendees to take this into consideration when discussing any clinical information.

to attend a program